AccWhizz project contributors

PHP developers/designers are most wanted to design/implement/improve AccWhizz features.

Software testers are vital for high code quality.

Documentation is an Achilles hill of most OSI projects and to fight this syndrome people for maintaining documentation are needed as well.

Assistance from MySQL developers to ensure AccWhizz works with MySQL will be highly appreciated.

Currently, there is only one default template. Both idsociety and verdilak are empty.

Developers with an artistic touch are welcome to fill in the missing templates or to provide other new templates.

Last but not least TRANSLATORS are most graciously welcome to help produce national versions of the software.

While contributions will be graciously acknowledged in the index page of each module, I don't like to go into political arguments as to how major a contribution should be, before it is acknowledged, so you will have to trust me on deciding who and what to acknowledge.

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