AccWhizz application overview

AccWhizz is an accounting system, which supports national languages (NLS) and multiple ledgers; multiple accounting schemes (ASAL) and database support (DAL) are under development.

Target end users are small business companies and accounting offices.

The application is modular.

It is written in php 4.x and operates on top of PHP GroupWare.

It runs as a web application with Apache and phpgroupware serving as middle layer.

Internal data is managed by PostgreSQL/MySQL databases.

SQL server can either be local or remote.

Client access is via web browsers: Mozilla, Netscape, Konqueror - other browsers should work fine as well.

The features include:

1.AccWhizzAdmin - AccWhizz setup, data backup/restore;

2.Ledger - audit control report, account journal history, ledger listing;

3.Inventory - audit control report, inventory in/out history, explicit inventory adjustment transaction, goods receipt transaction, good delivery transaction;

4.Service - separate module for access by non-warehouse staff;

5.Accounts Payable - audit control report, manual override of system calculated tax, separate rate and account setting for tax received and paid, explicit payment transaction, matching of payment against invoice allowing one payment settling multiple invoices, invoice/PO matching, invoice payment history, cheque printing;

6.Accounts Receivable - audit control report, manual override of system calculated tax, separate rate and account setting for tax received and paid, explicit receipt transaction, matching of receipt against invoice allowing one receipt settling multiple invoices, invoice/SO matching, invoice receipt history, customer statement, invoice reminder, official receipt;

7.Purchase Order - audit control report, purchase order billing history;

8.Sales Order - audit control report, sales order billing history, order acknowledgement;

9.Quotation - quotation [with tax], tax, customer, quotation (no tax), report;

10.POS for Cashier - cash sale (with tax), cash sale (no tax);

11.POS for Manager - CashBox transaction (start-of-shift, end-of-shift, cashi-in, cash-out), Quasi-Cash Balance (with d/d), CashBox/Drawer, Special Price, AddOn Charge/Reduction, Quasi-Cash,Tax,Report.

Most transactions are provided with standard search, add, view copy and delete facilities. Journal reversing feature is included.

The application supports VAT and no VAT countries - there are two versions PO and SO to handle invoices - that do and do not carry (VAT) tax.


Primary database for AppWhizz is PostgreSQL - MySQL is only experimental (for testing) due to lack of transaction support (which is planned in MySQL v. 4).


AccWhizz is based on CK-Ledger code written by Chiu Kay Wu.

Without His great job and inspiration I would not be able to write AccWhizz.

CK-Ledger is, in turn, based on SQL-Ledger (by Dieter Simader) functionality.

Many thanks to PHP GroupWare team for an excellent API on which AccWhizz runs.

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