AccWhizz roadmap

AccWhizz will be developed with compliance to user requests, so feature requests mailing list is the best source for potential development directions.

Primary target is a HIGH QUALITY code. This means that new features will be added after thourough testing, which costs time.

Current AccWhizz roadmap is as follows:

1.Construction of the project Home Page (, initial code restructuring, Polish version of AccWhizz (v. 0.0.1).

2.Code restructuring: improvement of coding standards, full database abstraction layer (DAL), full accounting system abstraction layer (ASAL), other minor changes (v. 0.0.3).

3.Highly customizable, advanced system settings (new) module; improved administration/instalation module (v. 0.0.5).

4.Alpha version : code quality improvements (v. 0.1.1).

5.EU and USA accouting standards (new ASAL layers) (v. 0.1.3).

6.Additional languages support - German and French (v. 0.1.5).

7.Beta version : code quality improvements (v. 0.3.1).

8.Security review and improvements (v. 0.3.3).

9.Stable version : code quality improvements (and documentation!) (v. 0.4.0).

10.Performance review and improvements (v. 0.4.2).

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